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Blueface Goes On A Date With Mystery Girl Amid Jaidyn Alexis Breakup


Blueface and his relationship drama has been all over the place over the past couple of years overall the relationship that got all of the attention was his Union with krisan rock eventually these two had a child together and it has not been a pretty sight krisan will not let

Blue face be apparent or if she does it is in a limited capacity moreover blue went back to his first baby mother Jaden Alexis however that has not gone according to plan either as the relationship is on again and off again recently blue face made the claim that

Jaden had left him although he made it clear that he would always take care of Jaden financially it seems like the two are on the outs taking to his Instagram story last night blue made it clear that he is looking to move on or that is at

Least what he is trying to portray in the videos blue says that he is getting ready for a date and that he wants to impress the mystery woman from there we get a clip of him inside a restaurant where he is talking to a woman who sounds suspiciously familiar blueface

Claims to be back on the market as a couple of fans pointed out in the Hollywood unlocked comments section the woman sounds a lot like Jaden Alexis simply put this very well could have just been some sort of publicity stunt we would not put it past blue face

After all this is the kind of stuff he is known for he has been able to build a huge brand outside of music which is very impressive however he certainly likes to embellish and lead people to believe things that may not be true after all it is great way to keep people

Engaged let us know how you feel about all of this in the comments section below

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