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Big Daddy Kane Applauds Proposal for Jay Z Day in New York City


The New York City Council recently proposed to make Jay-Z’s birthday December 4th a holiday for the Metropolis known as Jay-Z day moreover it came through council member Farah Lewis in resolution 849 in early December of last year December 4th as Jay-Z day announces to the world how

This Brooklyn son can be all things including loved by his community she remarked according to all hip hop in the spirit of celebrating Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary establishing an annual celebration to recognize a homegrown hero while proclaiming our Municipal support is fitting to designate our resolution is an emotional practical

Banner raised Jay-Z has shown the resilience to beat the odds self-admitted errors and has developed mechanisms to create opportunities for others as always he has done this work wearing Brooklyn and NYC on his heart furthermore TMZ recently asked Big Daddy Kane about this potentially National Initiative for Jay-Z on Friday January

5th I think it’s real cool he remarked to the outlet you got to understand hip hop is a culture a music culture and now it’s a genre that people shun down upon look down upon and when you see that it can grow billionaires it can become a multi genre where there’s different

Forms of hip-hop it can become the biggest grossing music genre and see if an artist can get a national holiday I’m all for it Jay-Z’s birthday is national holiday gets big daddy Kane’s approval watch but dark Gable doesn’t just look to rap Legends for inspiration he also Champions the newer guard recently he

Spoke on drink champs about why J aole is a favorite MC of the past generation I love Kendrick Lamar Big Daddy Kan explained but you got to understand Cole said no Cosby s asterisk asterisk T but if they sleep in on me f asterisk asterisk km meanwhile as his cosign

Still hold so much weight for artists like Benny The Butcher it’s clear that he remains a forever relevant Titan in the culture perhaps the juice crew member should get his own national holiday before hoov but who’s to say we can only honor one rapper with this recognition for more news and the latest


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