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Nicki Minaj Addresses Bully Criticism and Reflects on Her Rap Game Impact in Ebro Darden Interview


Nicki Minaj’s new interview with ebra Darden on Apple music held so much compelling conversation and so many takeaways that were still parsing through its best moments moreover they discussed her new album Pink Friday 2o her place in the rap game her personal growth and current state and much more

In addition they also spoke on common criticism that the rapper is a bully for demeaning her peers something that she was quick to laugh off it’s a bit of an ironic reaction for an accused bully to folks as to why she would care about such a thing but that’s just Roman being

Roman you’re just getting Nicki when you hear the music Nicki Minaj told the journalist and commentator during their sit down the other stuff is work and some of it is play I mean let’s face it this is my f asterisk asterisk asterisk ing job I have to have some sort of fun

If it means making fun of these H asterisk es why the F asterisk asterisk K not the thing is though I’ve realized it’s like a movie they’ve made me the bad guy so I’ve welcomed the challenge you know why it’s because I know I can accept that challenge none of them can

None furthermore she also spoke on her Acclaim in the rap game and how it differs to the critical leniency male rappers receive it always has mattered to me that whether you knew how I look whether you knew where I was from whether you knew if I was a man female

Whatever all that mattered to me was that are they liking my WPS Nicki Minaj expressed and somewhere along the line that shifted and it’s everyone’s fault as a whole as our culture it’s asteris insane to go backwards and I’m keeping it a thousand because when I think about the people

Who inspired me I can still pull from them right now that’s why biggie rest in peace he seems to always make his way on my projects and and I didn’t even realize that you know what I’m saying so thank God I had those kinds of people that right now I can still pull

Inspiration from them when I don’t have anything to pull from she continued whether it’s biggie whether it’s Jay whether it’s foxy whether it’s Wayne whether it’s Lauren Hill because they were so great I don’t care about any of Biggy Small’s videos or Lauren Hills videos I care about the music when

I was riding on the trains to school I had my player and my headphones I didn’t give as asterisk asterisk T about what any of them looked like and it kind of has become a little whatever for more news and the latest up

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