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Big Hit and The Game Tease Exciting Studio Collaboration in Instagram Post


Big hit recently shared a video of himself linking up with the game in the studio on Instagram what took you so long an asterisk asterisk asteris a hit asks in one clip as they meet up you regulin blood you run and Dish asterisk te in another post the two perform along

To what appears to be a new collaboration my daddy dead and my mama dying on my daughter I’m just out here trying the game wraps the post had fans on Instagram stoked for the team up big hit got a verse from game without a name drop one user commented another wrote

Chisk T sounds F asterisk kin nuts the game celebrates the release of drill medic big hit recently collaborated with his son Hit Boy to drop his first project since getting out of prison the truth is in my eyes the two celebrated its release at bottom bunk sneaker house

In Los Angeles earlier this month Hit Boy discussed the gravity of the moment in a candid post on social media at the time being in elementary school telling people me and my dad were going to make music together one day when he’s back out on the streets he captioned a post

Over the years we have had points where he touched down for a second maybe a few months Max and we started recording and making some progress then he’d lit the streets wi and he’d end up right back in the cell for years at a time the game

And bige heads Studio meet up he can included it’s a lot of pressure but it’s also therapy for both us I would say 9 million PST tonight we’re dropping his debut album the truth is in my eyes and I couldn’t be more proud of this moment

Most people wait till they family die to honor them in this way but we doing right here are n while we alive be on the lookout for further updates on the game as well as big hit

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