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Waka Flocka Flame Vows Personal Growth, Leaves Internet Drama Behind


Wacka Flocka flim has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion online and lately he’s been using his platform for good the NYC native recently hopped on his Instagram story to reveal that he’s been doing some self-reflection and ultimately came to the decision that he wants to do better

Wacka Flaka claims that thinking back on loved ones he’s lost made him realize what’s most important to him and it’s not internet drama I’m stuck in thoughts so much shorty I’m missing TF Out of the dead homies on God he began I’ll never let y’all names die in vain that’s why

I’m trying to be the best version of myself and don’t sell out he continued noting how part of his transformation is never ever arguing online again I stand on 10 Who in real life baby boys Wacka Flocka also added wacka Flaka wants to save the Next Generation the 37-year-old

Went on on claiming that as an adult gsta stuff doesn’t matter to him anymore according to him those who don’t move on from Street Life are simply immature he also says that to save the Next Generation to come others should avoid it to these streets real ass he

Explained keep letting these Al asterisk me asterisk asterisk figures lie I see a lot of people with choices and choose the streets or some f asteris see up young and result too Street asterisk T I pray to God some real big dog Tred to link No cameras asterisk T to save y’all

Young boys a real family’s lives on the line and that’s this asteris T yall not see until you after life what do you think of Wacka Flocka revealing that he wants to help out the Next Generation what about his claim that he’s done arguing on the internet share your

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