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Black Thought Reveals His Top Five Favorite MCs


During a recent interview with hip hop DX Black Thought revealed a list of his top five favorite MC’s aside from the list of artists The Roots performer also shared a theory that each of them represents one of his primary colors according to him his list of favorite artists has always revolved

Around his foundation so there’s a great deal of meaning behind it first up on his list is cool Gap who he commends for his expansive vocabulary and the breadth of knowledge that he was able to incorporate into his storytelling according to Black thought his work is timeless and he could listen

To him on repeat forever next up is Big Daddy Kane who he says he chose for some of the same reasons he claims the artist was far more stylistic than technical or just as stylistic as he was technical dubbing him a Smooth Operator that brought him to his third pick

Rakim what both Kan and GP and also Rakim brought to the table was a different Cadence that we hadn’t heard before that Shakespearean type to be or not to be style they all Incorporated that Shakespearean thing but in a different way he added proceeding with

His list black th also named Chuck D A Public Enemy who he praised for his activism and brave stylistic choices last up is LL Co J who he’s toured with over the year he was so influential to me as a young person because I saw myself in him we were so

Close in age he described LL was the royal Chief rocker but he was 16 years old and he moved like a seasoned veteran he also noted and that’s something that even having toured with him this Summer is authentic that’s just who he is he’s a Class Act what do you think of black

Thoughts top five favorite MC’s who’s in your top five share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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