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Blueface Shoots His Shot At Drive Thru, Asks Employees For Their Numbers


It’s no secret that blueface continues to go through ups and downs in his relationships and it seems like these days the embattled rapper is looking for someone new earlier this week he shared a clip of himself pulling up to the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant where one of the employees caught his

Eye he proceeded to holler at the young woman from the passenger seat urging her to write her phone number on a receipt for him how you doing can I get your number he asked eliciting excited screams from her and a nearby coworker put your number on the receipt both of

Y’all don’t charge me baby get that feed later he then added it’s unclear whether or not blueface actually got either of the ladi’s numbers but regardless the gesture appears to have made their night fast food restaurant workers react to blueface request some could argue that the employees might be better off keeping

Their distance from the 26-year-old father of three however as he doesn’t have the best track record when a when it comes to relationships the mother of his youngest child for example continues to be plagued with unending drama since their little one arrived though he and krisan

Rock are no longer an item he frequently takes aim at the Baltimore MC Online even denying being the father of her son as for the mother of his other kids Jaden Alexis blueface recently claimed to have purchased her four-story home for Christmas according to kisan however the Barbie performers are earnings are what

Will actually be covering the bills why won’t you just give the B asterisk asterisk CH credit she wondered on Instagram live she bought her own house like ni asterisk asterisk you ain’t bu s asterisk asterisk T what do you think of blueface asking a fast food employee for

Her phone number what about her and her co-workers reactions to the request share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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