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Blueface has responded after crisian rock called him the devil following his arrest in connection with a robbery earlier this week the thotiana rapper was arrested and hit with a felony robbery charge in Las Vegas on Wednesday June 7 following a court appearance he had for an entirely different charge

TMZ reported blueface was taken into police custody while he appeared in court for a preliminary hearing for his attempted murder charges while details were scarce Brews lawyers informed TMZ we look forward to vigorously defending him on both cases while crisian Rock was publicly silent on her baby father’s arrest an affiliate

Of hers hopped on Instagram live and eager-lied fans were able to hear Rock’s voice in the background of the video where she said glad I ain’t go home they got him good cause that n Go the devil blueface caught wind of his on again off-again girlfriends comments and

Responded via Instagram after he was released from police custody late on Wednesday Yul can believe the sob story she tell your everyday all day he wrote on his IG Story Only Time Will Tell who was really solid I know the B and she deserve everything I got for her eggplant emoji

In a separate video blue added I heard what the [ __ ] said she said are you on live oh [ __ ] they heard me say all of that weird ass [ __ ] to make matters worse blueface was also picked up from jail by his other baby mother Jaden Alexis who he shouted out

On Instagram for welcoming him home Rock responded to blueface’s trolling on Twitter writing if he wanna go out his way to troll me and his unborn kid that’s his karma but if anything happened to that man kid how much bad he wished on me or [ __ ] on me I don’t

Wish jail or death on anybody father obviously I distant myself because nobody deserves to be treated like that tensions between the controversial couple have hit a boiling point in recent weeks as crisian rocks due date grows closer and closer blueface said earlier this month that things were so

Bad between them he was contemplating marrying his main chick Jaden Alexis despite Rock’s pregnancy let’s keep showing love to Jaden toe that’s really a solid female FR might have to marry her that one really mine FR he wrote on Twitter adding don’t worry about it to Ima make your look up

To Jaden just like I made you’ll look up to the last one he continued Jaden my main anything else is a side don’t ever confuse that or play with her name on Psy imagine the most disrespectful anger on Earth respecting you Jaden got the w blueface had also previously torn into

Crisian rock after she revealed she prayed to be pregnant with the rapper’s baby rock went on to clarify those comments on her Instagram stories and said she was sick of the drama between her and blueface that has consumed their pregnancy man I only prayed because I wasn’t getting pregnant because of so many

Abortions she wrote on Instagram so when we was ready to have one I wasn’t getting pregnant it had me worried about my reproduction system I didn’t have it cause I needed a scent from you I just wanted a family with my lover its sick house stuff turned out because all I

Deal with is your immaturity about something so much serious to me she continued then now we have this awkward ass relationship cause there’s so much damage one thing I ask from you can you be the last person taught me through my pregnancy it’s irritating I thought we was done with the social

Media BS in real life I don’t need [ __ ] from you just love and even that I don’t need

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