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Usher’s Girlfriend Has CRASHED Kim Kardashian


Kardashians and their controversial relationships it seems like the Kardashians are always in the news for their controversial relationships recently rumors of a romantic relationship between Asha and Kim Kardashian have been circulating which has upset asha’s girlfriend Jennifer in a series of videos on Instagram Kim is seen attending one of

Ash’s concerts and singing along to his music however fans speculated that there was more to their relationship than just being fans especially after a video of Asha serenading Kim went viral it is rumored that the Kardashians often use blogs to spark relationships between their daughters and big celebrities in

The entertainment industry fans have speculated that Kim staged the entire Asha scenario for attention after her divorce from Kanye West was finalized and her other relationships including with Pete Davidson ended in chaos Kim’s pursuit of married men Kim has also been linked to other married men including Jeff Bezos who is worth approximately

137.8 billion dollars she has been trying to become a lawyer and is reportedly looking for a different type of guy from the ones she has had before fans speculate that she is trying to stay relevant and is using every opportunity she can find to do so Kim Kardashian receives backlash for Instagram post

Kim Kardashian recently made a deal that could potentially make her more relevant in the industry however she also received backlash after posting a photo on her Instagram story that made it seem like she was eyeing LeBron James a married man the Instagram post the photo that sparked controversy

Showed LeBron James in a way that made it seem like Kim had put him in her bag fans speculated that she intentionally posted and deleted the photo to make it seem like she was interested in the brawn who gave her an attitude look after seeing that she was taking a photo

Of him without his consent backlash from fans many fans criticized Kim for going after married men calling her actions immoral and desperate some even speculated that there might be something going on between Kim and LeBron behind closed doors despite his claims that they are just friends conclusion in conclusion Kim Kardashian’s recent

Instagram post has caused a lot of controversy and backlash from fans while it’s unclear whether or not there is anything going on between her and LeBron James it’s clear that fans are not happy with her actions

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