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Blueface & Soulja Boy Trade Blows On Instagram Live, Blue Pulls Up On Soulja


Blueface and Soulja Boy is the latest wrap beef brewing in the headlines which obviously filled up with Antics so far moreover the two even have a fight scheduled but we’ll have to wait and see if it actually ends up panning out still at least we have some over the phone

Squabbling to witness in the meantime and it’s not just with social media shots the two rappers went live on Instagram together trashing each other about being with their women snitching and the like it wasn’t particularly heated or combative though as they stuck to their usual talking points and demeanors furthermore for those unaware

This beef started over disagreements concerning who would win a ver battle in fact it seems like things could have turned physical quick as Soulja Boy allegedly DMD blueface with an address when the California rapper pulled up Soulja was nowhere to be found which led to him asking for him around the area

Maybe this was just a test or he caught him in a lie but either either way it certainly raised the stakes blueface and Soulja Boy go at it on IG live watch of course these two are so chronically online stubborn and outspoken that they have multiple Rivals to address these

Days for example Soulja Boy recently traded smoke with Charleston white which was one of the oddest and most vibrant matchups in recent memory that stemmed from the 33-year-old clowning white for a recent show where some people jumped him and he was Ruth l l NSFW in his

Response if this is what we can expect from this new Feud then we’d advise everyone interested to tune in with preparation for some nasty dialogue blue pulls up with no Soulja in sight meanwhile the 26-year-old is currently managing the career of his baby mama and on and off again partner Jaden

Alexis that also comes with its fair amount of trolling as he recently did during her soundcheck overall these signs point to this being a pretty wild spectacle and one that they’ll surely try to capitalize on as much as possible for more news and the latest updates on Soulja Boy and blue face

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