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YNW Melly’s Lyrics Could Be Used Against Him In Court


With all the focus on young fug and the YSL RICO case in recent weeks many fans have forgotten about the ongoing legal status of Y andw Melly the rapper has been behind bars for years awaiting a verdict in his high-profile double murder trial his arrest dates all the

Way back to 2019 for a pair of murders committed in 2018 and he’s still awaiting a verdict in the case additionally in July of this year melly’s first trial came to an end with the Declaration of a trial ynw melly’s second double murder trial is set to begin in February and

Pre-trial proceedings are underway in a recent motion filed by the prosecution they’re hoping to introduce a ton of new evidence into the case according to the fader the prosecution filed for 55 songs 18 audio files 14 YouTube videos and four album covers to be introduced as evidence in the

Retrial included among them is melly’s biggest hit the UN fortunately titled Murder on My Mind subsequently no verdict on how much of the material will be admissible in the trial has been made yet y andw Melly lyrics submitted as evidence lyrics being used in court against rappers has been a hot topic of

Debate for years the most recent instance was with young thug in the YSL Rico trial when the announcement was made public that some of Thug’s lyrics were ruled admissible in court hundreds of thousands of fans and numerous rap figures spoke out against the decision the time between melly’s first and

Second trials has been turbulent for the rapper he was once again denied Bond and had to remain in prison until his second trial consequently he’s been in police custody for almost five full years now awaiting a verdict in his trial his second trial has been delayed numerous times following its originally announced

October start date what do you think of Y andw Melly potentially having his lyrics and music videos used in court against him let us know in the comment section below

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  1. @Nyxirius says

    Music isnt evidence 💀

  2. @DereckPerez-gw6oi says

    I know right music is not evidence

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