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Blueface Takes Shots at Soulja Boy, Literally Steps on His Plaque During Recent Show


One of blueface many beefs continues the California hitmaker and the one who claims to be the originator of every Trend in hip-hop soldja boy are still trading shots the most recent artist to make a jab was indeed the thiana writer a couple of days ago blueface hopped on a remix of his ladyes

Hit song his verse on Jaden Alexis Barbie raised a lot of people’s eyebrows he also roped offset cardi B and cian rock into the lyrics offset upset cardi got the update SL soldja boy mad he found out his b asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk F asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk delate the latter

Refers to blueface continuing to tease the crank that songwriter that he was messing around with his baby mama before Soulja got linked on top of that the two even scheduled to squabble back in late December blue face wants all the smoke with Soulja Boy predictably it never

Went down but blue face May really be pushing things to the brink in the video above from no jumpers Instagram the attention seeker is stepping all over a soja boy pla blue was performing a show at a smaller venue recently and the video shows him walking over to it he

Then proceeds to rap while stomping on it honestly it is a race to see who will take blue face on first what are your initial thoughts on this latest video of blueface stepping on a Soulja Boy plague at his recent show do you think this will lead Soulja to respond at all why

Or why not who will win this beef and why did blue face take it a little too far will this be the final straw that leads to both of these guys fighting each other we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with

That in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comment section below

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