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Oprah Winfrey to Interview Taraji P Henson on OWN Spotlight Amid The Color Purple Release


The Color Purple remake is finally out and two stars heavily involved in its making are coming together for a chat moreover Oprah Winfrey recently announced that she will interview Taraji P Henson tonight Saturday January 6th on the Oprah Winfrey Network ow at 10 p.m. time zone unclear however if you miss the live

Airing it will be available on Max afterwards cookie Lions Katherine Johnson event and now sh Avery those are the many characters that Tera jaenson has brought to life in ways only she could she captioned a picture of her with the actress join us tonight as we sit down

To discuss her career and The Sisterhood she formed with at The Color Purple cast #n Spotlight with taji P Hensen airs tonight at 1 p.m. on it own and available on it streaming Max after purple heart emoji furthermore this is interesting considering a recent comp complaint to Raji P Henson had about

This movie’s production they gave us rental cars and I was like I can’t drive myself to set an Atlanta she told the New York Times in a recent interview this is Insurance liability it’s dangerous now they robbing people what do I look like taking myself to work by

Myself in a rental car Oprah announces interview with teraji P Hensen tonight so I was like can I get a driver or security to take me taji P Hensen continued I’m not asking for the moon they’re like well if we do it for you we got to do it for

Everybody well do it for everybody it’s stuff like that stuff I shouldn’t have to fight for I was on the set of Empire fighting for trailers that wasn’t infested with bugs the fight where’s on your soul because you fight so hard to establish a name for yourself

And be respected in this town to no avail she concluded with black films they just don’t want to take us overseas and I don’t understand that black translates all over the world so why wouldn’t the movies I have a following in China of all places y’all not going to capitalize

On that don’t everybody want to make money here I’m not the person that pulls the race card every time but what else is it then tell me I’d rather it not be race please give me something else for more news and latest updates on taji P Hensen and Oprah Winfrey check back

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