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Blueface Thirst Trap Video Catches His Mom, Karlissa Saffold's Attention


Blueface and his mother have a relationship we might not ever fully understand despite the California Native constantly berading and bullying Carly a saffold online and in real life she stands behind her son and his two baby mamas even if that support is often called into question after she berates

Them in the same breath over the weekend saffold surfaced under a new thirst trap video posted by Blue which landed on at Hollywood and Lock’s Instagram page I ain’t even jerking off tonight cuz someone getting knocked down the embattled artist told the camera on Friday December

29th you feel me he asked while grabbing hold of his crotch my little jacket on finna pull up on AB asterisk asterisk CH like hey you want to have sex blue asked with a laugh flipping his hair as if he had bangs it’s clear the father of three

Doesn’t take himself too seriously which is likely part of the reason why attracting women come so naturally to him in the comments of the video below saffle dropped by to share her thoughts blueface is still on the prowl for new women she wrote he got that same look in

His eyes his dad had when he got rid of me and him face with tears of joy dot in response to Carisa some suggested that it’s time for her to retire from social media they need to ban yo ass like Trump face with tears of joy face with tears

Of joy face with tears of joy one user laughed at blueface mom I’m coming for your phone face with tears of joy go to sleep rolling on the floor laughing another chimed in blue face has been going above and beyond as he continues his hunt for a new lover on social media

This week after asking drive-through employees for their number the 26-year-old decided to give Instagram speed dating a try though things clearly didn’t go according to plan for him read more about that at the link below

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