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Lil Baby Called Rude By Fan Who Met Him For The First Time In New TikTok


Lil Baby is one of the biggest rappers out right now but he’s not always down to indulge in That Celebrity Status with admirers moreover a fan recently uploaded a video in their car of them passing by him in his own car and when they started talking to him he simply

Beckoned the fan to keep it moving as he was already holding up traffic in this Tik Tok clip the user seemingly called the Atlanta MC rude in the caption and said that money bag yo could never possibly suggesting that he’s better with fan interaction it was his birthday recently but it

Seems like even that cheer couldn’t pick his patients up however this is a very understandable reaction from Lil Baby as folks can’t expect famous folks to always be in that zone of course there are limits and decent values of respect but none of that really seemed to apply in this on the road

Situation regardless the 29-year-old definitely has much bigger things to worry about on his mind especially when it comes to feeding his wider fan base as a whole recently he let his listeners know that he’ll be gone until his new album comes out so hopefully that means it’s right around the corner Lil Baby

Tells fan to hurry up in new Tik Tok clip watch what’s more is that there are some recent and potentially juicy reasons for fans to want to speak to Lil Baby even more furthermore this stems from a recent performance with young Miami in which she asked him a pretty

Flirty question that prompted fling rumors if I throw back can you catch it the city girl asked the hey hitmaker we’ll see in the near future if these are just two quality control SES having fun with each other or if there’s something deeper here meanwhile the 4pf boss recently had some wonderful times

With his family for the holidays sprinting through Parisian shops with his son it’s always nice to see rappers balance out their excess and stressfully busy careers with some wholesome personal time hopefully those who don’t share it online are still indulging in it and hopefully he will have a lot to

Say on wax very soon on that

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