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Boosie Badazz Claims Real Life Streets Experience Surpasses Fictional Gangster Nino Brown


Boozy badass has fashioned himself as a bit of a man of the streets and now claims that he’s done more than an Infamous fictional gangster the Baton Rouge native took to his social media pages on Sunday January 7th to claim that he lived a similar life to that of

Nino Brown the protagonist of the 1991 movie New Jack City as played by Wesley Snipes Nino Brown is a fantasy boozy is a reality he said in the video Nino Brown can’t with boozy I did way more in the streets than Nino Brown real talk I’m really

Like that while boozy badass seems to applaud that gangst lifestyle for himself he’s cautioned his young fans against it in the past last May The Wipe Me Down rapper warned his followers that being in the streets and trying to be ganga is not a life anyone should be

Trying to pursue don’t never become no Street anger don’t never become no ganga bruh boozy said on Instagram live at the time always got to have end gas with you always got to be trying to protect yourself looking over your shoulder don’t even be worth it bruh you get

Older you be like damn man a lot of come with this he continued that’s the only thing that matter bruh staying alive this ain’t the life you want though dog all y’all young end gas out there this ain’t the life you want meanwhile last month the Baton Rouge

Rapper was on IG live when he learned that his son toy raw was outside smoking weed in his car and he couldn’t wait to get a joke off at his kids expense he gone turn into a weed plant boozy said to someone off camera he a weed plant

Was shoes on everything revolves around smoking he can’t eat less he’s hi I was just like that though I can’t talk the doting dad then made his way out to toti’s car and stood there for few moments before his son even noticed him the first thing you do in the morning

Man that’s how loaded you is you ain’t even see

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