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Joey Bada$$ Opens Up About Departure from Power Spinoff, Power Book III, Raising Kanan


Joey Badass has revealed that while he enjoyed the support of his fans during his turn as unique on power book 3 raising Cannon his supporters may be just as excited about his reason for leaving TMZ caught up with the rapper turned actor and his girlfriend Sera in

New York City and asked how he felt once he learned his character was being written off of the popular power spin-off however he chalked it up to the professional Balancing Act he’s been doing over the past couple of years I was very mad I was upset the proera MC said

Unfortunately I do have two careers that I’m balancing so I had to go on tour and we just kind of couldn’t make it work so they had to take out unique who knows though maybe we can start a petition or something and tell 50 Cent to bring me

Back while he didn’t offer any specifics about the tour he did offer an update about when fans can expect new music new music is coming definitely soon this month actually this is my birthday month so I’m definitely gone put something out in a couple weeks said the rapper who

Will celebrate his 29th birthday on January 20th fans may have already heard a snippet of the forthcoming single early last month Joey Badass posted a video of himself in the desert decked out in a traditional fobe while performing what seems like a song dedicated to his girlfriend once again

Disproving rumors of a breakup last spring and as recently as last month sometimes I trip on just how happy we could be SL it girl let’s take a trip drop all your and let’s leave slash you ain’t got to worry about a thing got everything that you need slash

Anything that you please girl just follow my lead baby he’s heard rapping over the track on Thursday January 4th a fan on X formerly Twitter responded to a tweet in which the rapper said he was ready to drop new music by asking about that snippet you posted on IG to which

He responded if you talking about the one in the sand I got you on December 31st the Brooklyn native marked the end of his longest running role by sharing a video montage of kadim unique matys from over the course of the first three seasons of raising Canon to many fans

Disappointment unique forever he captioned the post about the fan favorite character played by him much love to my at raising Canan Stars family it was an honor and pleasure in an interview with people that was published last week week Joey Badass talked about his three season run and how fans will

React to his departure from its narrative about playing unique he said this type of role was something that I held back on playing for a long time because I just didn’t want to get pigeon hold into being a drug dealer type of actor because I was a rapper I felt like

That was so close to home I wanted to show people with things like the short film two distant strangers and Mr Robot that I had range but I felt like this role came at the right time and it was

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