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Brooke Hogan Reveals Secret Marriage to Hockey Player Steven Olesky


Brook Hogan the daughter of Hulk Hogan has revealed that she has been secretly married to hockey player Steven aleski for over a year the two w in a private ceremony last June and held a reception with aly’s family in Michigan earlier in December alesi played Four Seasons in

The NHL and last played in the ehcl during the 2021 of 22 season the pair reportedly met through mutual friends Brooke runs an interior design firm in Nashville and releases a single don’t know it yet earlier this year TMZ released an exclusive report on the marriage including a sweet shot from the

Couple’s wedding day congratulations to Brooke and Steven Hulk Hogan marry Sky daily however it’s not the only marriage to come out of the Hogan family this year the hulkster himself married his partner Sky Daly 2 months after the pair announced their engagement the pair wet in front of a

Small gathering of family at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Clear Water this past Friday Daly looked radiant in a sleeveless strapless dress courtesy of rud de meanwhile Hogan was dressed to the nines in a sharp tuxedo though he did add an iconic bandan to the mix it’s Hogan’s thirdd marriage and dy’s

Second however Dy has been very candid about just how special Hogan makes her feel I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of TV growing up I knew who Hulk Hogan was obviously but I hadn’t seen any of his fights or watched any wrestling but I think he liked the fact

That he had to ask me for my number as opposed to everyone else just jamming their number into his hand he knew I was interested in Terry not Hulk he swept me off my feet and he is my ultimate male I’ve never been with someone who puts me

First in every single thing when I wake up in the morning he’s there ready to hand me my coffee daily told the Daily Mail back in July

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