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YNW Melly’s Double Murder Retrial Postponed, New Start Date Set


Y andw melly’s double murder retrial originally scheduled for February of next year has been pushed back once again Broward circuit court judge John Murphy honored the melly’s team’s request for an extension earlier this week allowing them more time to prepare their defense jury selection is underway and opening statements will now begin on

March 5th 2024 in the meantime the rappers team will conduct more than a dozen depositions several of which were canceled this month month the news follows Murphy’s decision to partially Grant 13 defense motions to exclude evidence for the Miami Herald digital evidence including text messages sent

Around the time of the murders has now been restricted Murphy will also make decisions on various other motions at a hearing next month y andw melly’s retrial will now begin on March 5th 2024 the news also follows prosecutors pushed to have Melly song lyrics used to

Against him in court they filed for 55 songs 18 audio files 14 YouTube videos and four album covers to be admitted as evidence in his retrial this is a hotly debated move fans have also seen in Young Thug’s Rico trial it sparked numerous discussions surrounding creative freedom with

Several of the artists peers and fans speaking out against the judge’s decision Fat Joe for example shared his thoughts with CNN’s Gale King in November CLA claiming that a majority of his lyrics Don’t reflect the truth I’ve been rapping professionally for 30 years he explained I’ve lied in almost 95% of

My songs I’m being honest I write like I feel that day I’m just being creative you couldn’t build a jail high enough for the lyrics I’ve said on songs which are all untrue what I am is a family man the person who gives back to my community all the time opens businesses

In my community what do you think of Y andw melly’s double murder retrial getting pushed back again share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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