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Brother Bilaal Doubles Down On Explosive Claims On Will Smith And Duane Martin, Says He Has Evidence


In a follow-up statement brother bilel is doubling down on his initial claims brother bael the former assistant and friend of Will Smith has doubled down on his explosive claims involving meast Stars Will Smith and Dwayne Martin in an exclusive interview with gossip blogger Tasha K brother B opened up about the

Alleged Scandal that has taken the entertainment industry by storm he asserted in November that Will Smith and Dwayne Martin had sex the reason Will and Jada responded they know it’s true brother B said on the platform with Tasha K they responded in less than 9 hours he knows what I saw in that

Dressing room J listen in 2 weeks if you don’t sue me in 2 weeks if Tasha K will have me I’m back here and I’m dropping evidence brother bilel proceeded to call Jada’s Bluff and encouraged her to sue him he claims that he has evidence and that if she doesn’t take action against

Him he’s going to reveal it you said I extorted you you said it was a money Shakedown he said referring to Jada’s comments on Breakfast Club letun get into a little more of it Jada you a Baldhead liar and a drug addict you told the world you were going to suei despite

Vement denials from both Will Smith and Jada claiming that b just wants money he remains confident in his allegations he says he’s driven by a commitment to revealing the truth allegedly brother bael says he’ll be back with evidence the controversial remarks were first made in November as hot new hip hop

Previously reported I opened the door to Dwayne’s dressing room and that’s when I see Dwayne having a asterisk LS asterisk x with Will brother bilel disclosed in the interview there was a couch and Will was bent over the couch and Dwayne was standing up killing him murdering him it

Was murder in there these graphic allegations have not only ignited a firestorm of controversy but have also thrust brother B into the spotlight however social media has come to Will’s defense rather it’s true or not we love will thank you next one person commented while The Sensational nature of the

Claims has led to skepticism in some quarters the interview shed light on brother BK’s unwavering conviction pH that’s messed up I wish people would leave Will and Jada alone another person wrote and was anyone hurt what’s his point sharing these grown people business is it gone take money

Out their pockets will it take movie roles from will it probably get him more roles in Holly weird another said as the controversy escalates brother B’s boldness has sparked criticism stay

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