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Diddy & His Children Celebrate Kim Porter On Her Birthday


Diddy had a lot going on lately but it hasn’t stopped him from remembering what matters most recently he took to social media to wish a happy birthday to his late former partner Kim Porter the model and actress reportedly passed away from lber pneumonia in November of 2018 following their split over a decade

Earlier she was 47 years old at the time of her death Porter and Diddy Share three children King Combs 25 and identical twins GL star and Jesse James 16 he shared an old photo of the two of them together which shows her wearing a bright smile while he kisses her cheek

We miss you so much Kim he captioned the photo happy birthday beautiful love forever heart emoji Diddy wasn’t the only one to share a heartfelt birthday message for Porter however all three of their children shared similar messages on social media reminiscing about their mother with sweet photos Diddy and his

Kids share throwback photos with Kim Porter their oldest king shared a photo of him and his mom in good spirits with her reading what appears to be a card happy Heavenly Birthday Mommy he wrote alongside a variety of celebratory emojis he went on to share his phone

Background which is a photo of his mother holding him as a child Dila and Jesse posted an old photo which shows the two of them as young girls sporting matching pink outfits while they walk hand inand with their mother happy Heavenly birthday Queen a message from their jointed Instagram account

Begins we love you so much heart emojis everything we do is for you we miss you so much and we are always thinking about you they added what do you think of didy wishing the late Kim Porter a happy birthday what about their kids messages to her share your thoughts

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