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Busta Rhymes joins Janet Jackson for dream performance at Madison Square Garden Buster Rhymes and Janet Jackson have performed their 1998 joint hit what’s it going to be at Madison Square Garden for the first time on Tuesday May 9 a fan captured footage of the two legendary artists performing the Infectious song during

Janet’s New York stop for her together Again Tour the two artists were performing and dancing with each other while the audience cheered and applauded them after their performance busabus heaped massive Praise on Janet while showering her with gifts and elaborating on how their collaboration came about we’re going to give you your flowers

Your Botanical Garden while you can smell them Busta Rhymes said as someone rolled out a huge bouquet of flowers in 1998 25 years ago I’m on the Belt Parkway going from Long Island to Manhattan I’m listening to Janet Jackson do an interview with Angie Martinez when

She was on Hot 97 Janet Jackson was doing an interview promoting The Velvet Rope album Angie Martinez asked her what rapper have you never worked with before that you would like to work with she said Busta Rhymes excuse my language but I almost crashed my car

He added to this day our video is the most expensive hip-hop video made in the history of hip-hop culture Busta ended his speech by wishing Janet a happy birthday which is next week and giving her a birthday cake to honor their collaboration after their performance in true Busta

Rhymes fashion he took to Instagram and posted a lengthy caption expressing his gratitude for finally being able to perform his song with the iconic singer tonight was one for every history book first time ever the world got Tia witnessed the beautiful queen at Janet Jackson myself perform what’s I.T going

To be and 25 years since the creation of the song from the extinction level Event album ad at the Garden he wrote thank you Queen for having me tonight and being a part of this dream coming true I’m forever grateful and I love you so much happy early birthday Queen and Happy

Mother’s day and happy 25 years anniversary to our classic previously Busta Rhymes spoke to okay magazine about Janet Jackson being his most memorable collaboration I wasn’t trying to let her leave New York without making that official connection the flip mode Squad MC said Mona Scott my manager worked it out we

Got a chance to speak on the phone and we started to work out studio time on when we can record and where she’d like to record and I just did everything I could possibly do to create the most illustrious for her in the studio I was losing my mind eternally but I had

To keep my composure because we really had us a hit record we created a milestone moment it was magical meanwhile in other Buster Rhymes news he had a few Choice words for rappers who perform with backing tracks during his set at this past weekend’s lovers friends Festival in Las Vegas

While performing on The Bling stage Busta acknowledged how the younger generation of artists have lost the art of live performance according to the Brooklyn native his peers are Cut From a Different Cloth that they don’t manufacture anymore we come from a time where there was no additives no unnecessary mixing and diluting and

Tampering with the Holy sacred and pure he said to the crowd we are the holy sacred and pure he added before launching into his verse from Chris Brown’s Look At Me Now look at me

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