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Jay-Z defeats disgruntled cops lawsuit over terrible 300 million dollars title deal Jay-Z’s 300 million dollar sale of title has won a lawsuit against a group of police officers who contested the deal according to Reuters a Delaware judge tossed out a class action case brought forth by City of Coral Springs

Police officers Pension Plan against Jack Dorsey and other block Incorporated board members the pension fund a shareholder of block Incorporated formerly known as Square Incorporated said the company’s purchase of HOV streaming service in March 2021 seemed by all accounts a terrible business decision in their complaint they cited titles

Struggling revenue and loss of major contracts as well as their involvement in an alleged Norwegian criminal probe regarding its streaming numbers the company also allegedly accepted a 50 million dollar loan from Jay-Z to shore up its finances while HOV wasn’t listed as a defendant his name did appear frequently in the

Lawsuit due to his involvement in the sale of title to block Incorporated whose board he joined as part of the deal the 53-year-old sold his 87.5 majority stake to dorsey’s company for 306 million dollars but with adjustments it came out to 237.3 million dollars for an 86.2 percent stake the Brooklyn bread

Billionaire personally received Ed proceeds in excess of 63 million dollars from the deal according to the suit despite scoring a victory regarding title Jay-Z’s legal issues may not be over as Roc Nation was recently accused of stealing hit singles for ASAP Ferg and glorilla according to all hip-hop houston-based

Music producer Carrie du Brown the managing member of crucial K Productions accused giga’s company of using his copyrighted beats without permission the allegations involve ASAP Ferg’s Plain Jane which was released in 2017 and glorilla’s breakout hit fnf let’s go from 2022 per the lawsuit Brown claims he met Roc Nation vice president Lenny

Santiago better known as Lenny S at the dealmakers conference at the hotel Derek in Houston Texas in 2015 he apparently gave Santiago samples of his instrumentals with an eye to build a relationship going forward but never transferred the rights to his music at that point Brown says he then found out his two

Instrumentals you don’t know nothing about me and AudioBox instrumentals were used for Plain Jane and fnf let’s go without permission Roc Nation Lenny Santiago Sony Music Entertainment digital LLC and black noise recordings LLC have all been named in the lawsuit a lawsuit has been filed against you the lawsuit reads

Within 21 days after this summons on you not counting the day you received it or 60 days if you are the United States or United States agency or an officer or employee of the United States described in fed are cvp12 a 2 or 3. you must

Serve on the plaintiff and answer to the attached complaint or emotion under rule 12 or the federal rules of civil procedure the answer or motion must be served on the plaintiff or plaintiff’s attorney Brown claims neither Roc Nation or any other parties obtained a notice of

Intent to use or paid royalties to crush okay productions for using the copyrighted material in ASAP Ferg and glorilla songs

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