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Cameron Diaz Reveals WHO POISONED Jamie Foxx On Set


Actor Jamie Foxx’s Medical Emergency on set reports claimed that Jamie Foxx suffered a major meltdown on set and had a mysterious medical complication that seemed suspiciously like poisoning Cameron Diaz revealed that an individual close to the Fox Family said that doctors suspect poisoning Fox had expressed to people close to him

That he felt someone was trying to harm him and repeatedly told people about it he felt that a particular individual working on the set of his new film with Cameron Diaz was responsible for committing such an egregious act Jamie Foxx’s meltdown on set there were some

Issues on set and fox had a major meltdown over it all he had been a massive bully during the entirety of the shooting and had fired one of the executive producers two directors and even his driver some people working on the film are fed up with how this has played out and fox

Has become pretty unpopular even Cameron Diaz knew what a pain Fox was being for everyone on set and if he continued with his Tantrums someone was going to snap and hurt him unsolved mystery on set back an action seemed to have some extra bad luck when it came to

Filming with a bomb threat halting filming once more the crew discovered an unexploded World War II bomb close to where they had been planning to film a stunt scene on the River Thames after a lot of drama and mess Fox ended up with a mysterious medical emergency

That landed him in the hospital for weeks rumors of poisoning some rumors suggest that someone on set tried to murder Fox by poisoning him while some people have discarded these claims Fox had a horrible drug addiction when he was younger and some say that his paranoia might be his biggest fear coming true

Diaz’s reaction to the situation makes one wonder if Fox might be right after all Jamie Foxx’s behavior on set caused Cameron Diaz to consider retiring according to sources Jamie Foxx hand-picked Cameron Diaz to star in his film and convinced her to come out of retirement however things quickly turned sour on

Set due to Fox’s obnoxious behavior Diaz hates drama and confrontation which is why she retired in the first place Fox’s Behavior got so bad that Diaz considered retiring again meanwhile fox has been hospitalized for about a month and his silence has fans worried about his well-being some find it unsettling that his

Co-workers seem unfazed while he fights for his life fans concerned for Jamie Foxx’s well-being The Silence from Jamie Foxx’s side has his fans worried about his well-being one person wrote it’s so sad about Jamie Foxx the fact that he hasn’t come out to say anything is very worrying after about a

Month being hospitalized unsettling response from co-workers some fans find it unsettling that Jamie Foxx’s co-workers seem unfazed while he fights for his life one person commented watching a local news channel cover Jamie Foxx’s current health condition and the first things they talk about are the shows in the movies he’s booked on

And how they’ll go forward without him we are really living in hell

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