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Jay Z’s alleged son files new court order forcing rapper to take DNA test


Jay-Z’s alleged son files new court order forcing rapper to take DNA test report looks like Jay-Z can add another problem to his list of 99 a man who alleges that he’s the rapper’s secret child has filed a court order to make him take a DNA test according to a report

Remini said he’ll stop at nothing for the 24-time Grammy winner to acknowledge his existence and insists that that’s all he wants from him this is not going to be over until Justice is served he told Daily Mail I just want to live my life

And when it is all said and done I hope that Jay-Z would want to be a part of my life if that is God’s will I won’t stop fighting for this until I win and I will win because the law is on our side sabbathway added Sabbath way alleges

That his mother Wanda hooked up with the 53-year-old rapper and entrepreneur in the early 1990s during their on off relationship before Jay-Z real name Sean Carter had become a global Megastar the outlet reports however Jay-Z who has been married to Beyonce since 2008 has consistently denied that he is satithwaite’s Father the allegations

Have been previously reviewed thoroughly by the courts and have been refuted the rapper’s attorney said in a letter to Daily Mail I am sure that will be the outcome of whatever filings Mr saththathway may be currently considering according to the outlet by the time sabbathwaite was born in July 1992 the

Rapper was no longer dating Wanda prompting her to list her childhood sweetheart Robert Graves as satithwaite’s father on his birth certificate Sabbath weight an aspiring rapper claimed that his mom told him that the rapper is his real dad when he was eight back in 2011. Wanda filed a

Civil lawsuit in NJ seeking child support from the rapper the lawsuit was ultimately dismissed because it was filed in the wrong State and was never refiled the rapper who shares three children with Beyonce daughters Blue Ivy 11 roomy five and Son sir also five has not personally spoken out about the claims

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