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Cardi B and Offset Spotted in New York City Amidst Breakup Rumors


Cardi B and offset apparently hit up New York City together recently at least based on some fan picks that social media [ __ ] tied together moreover a fan took a photo with each of them at an undisclosed store on Thursday December 28th and posted them both and they appeared separately of course it seems

Like amid their breakup they still don’t want to appear together in such a public way or this was just a wild coincidence and both rappers were in the Big Apple on their own pots in addition fans also confirmed via other pictures and their fits in them that this all apparently

Happened the same day furthermore this comes just a couple of days after cardi B seemed to suggest that she and offset aren’t getting back together anytime soon many fans expressed wishes for this to happen online but she liked a tweet suggesting that they’re getting their hopes up regardless it’s at least Harden

To see that they apparently can still hang out together and will likely maintain a pretty amicable relationship it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to address this via their music anytime soon but we wouldn’t be surprised if B’s next album cycle references this in some way offset and cardi B at New Year’s Eve

2023 who more is that this isn’t the first time that the jealousy Duo seemingly reunited after their split while this instance is still pretty unconfirmed it was quite wholesome to see the family get together for Christmas asset and cardi B have a lot to take care of and nurture much of

Which they built together so it’s important for them to still support each other if possible they don’t need to be super chummy but they have done too much to lose all the spark they had meanwhile they still have to deal with a lot of other things together that aren’t as

Fulfilling for example the couple received a lawsuit over allegedly unpaid rent and property damage as such they will likely continue to stick around each other in the near future and hopefully a new and healthy Bond can emerge From the Ashes of another for more news and the latest updates on

Cardi B and offs

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