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Lil Mabu and Fivio Foreign’s Collaboration, TEACH ME HOW TO DRILL Explores White Rapper’s Self Awa


Teach me how too drill by Lil maaba featuring fivio forign is the most self-aware track the white drill rappers done so far in it he acknowledges his privilege and lack of connection to the genre he plays in with one of its leaders in the New York scene right now

It’s an overall cheeky track to varying degrees of success but at least the Upper East Side natives leaning into it rather than trying to come off more hardened however this collaboration also addresses the nword and how MAA can’t say it which prompted fivo to say it for

Him as they rap since his line and the bi artists ad libs appear so close to one another many thought that he actually said it then Lil Mau acknowledged Outlets reporting this as such and asked fans to defend him someone please defend me raised white fist Emoji he commented under one of

These posts of course a couple of fans did but it’s funny how a simple genius search or just listening to the song could have avoided this conversation all together you can watch their music video below and call judgment for yourself at least it’s definitely better than the

Material Mau blew up with Lil Mau and fibo forign teach me how too drill stream furthermore this is far from Lil mau’s first experiences with hot tracks controversies or making strides in The Wider rap world for example he and kisan rock linked up for mrr take yaab asterisk asterisk asterisk G which

Actually ended up charting and finding a lot of success among listeners in addition this also involved the baddy Stars ongoing feud with her ex and baby daddy blue face with which Lil Mau also sought some smoke in fact there were even rumors that mabu and rock were

Dating although that seems to have gone nowhere as of writing this article if it was ever real meanwhile fivio actually dropped plenty of other material for this holiday season one of those is a class CL flip of the track last Christmas with Lil TJ which gives the

Wham original a nice drill spin we’ll see if these artists next releases cuz a similar gut reaction from listeners about the authenticity and respect of their craft for more news and the latest updates on fibo forign and Lil

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