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Cardi B Appears To Shoot Down Offset Reconciliation Rumors


Cardi B liked a post on social media denying she and her estranged husband offset have reconciled the move comes after the pop feed reported that the two were back together after attending a Travis Scott concert cardi B has officially took offset back after 12 days the report on

Social media reads they were both spotted at Travis Scott’s concert tonight in New Jersey in response blogger Ken Barbie posted a clip of candy burus exclaiming you just made that up for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cardi B liked the reply seemingly confirming the lack of a Reconciliation cardi B and offset attend

Preg Grammy Gala preg Grammy Gala and amp Grammy salute to Industry icons honoring Julie Greenwald and Craig colan inside Los Angeles California February 4th LR cardi B and offset attend the preg Grammy Gala and Grammy salute to Industry icons honoring Julie Greenwald and Craig C on February 4th 2023 in Los Angeles

California photo by Emma McIntyre Getty Images for the recording Academy cardi first confirmed that she and offset were done during a live stream on Instagram on December 10th I’ve been single for a minute now she said at the time I just don’t know how to tell the world I feel

Like today has been a sign the last time I got on live I kind of wanted to tell you guys but I didn’t know how to tell you I changed my mind but it has been like this for a minute now I just took it as

A sign I want to start 2024 Fresh open I don’t know I’m curious for a new life New Beginning cardi B likes post denying offset rumors regardless of a Reconciliation or not cardi and offset reunited to spend the holidays together with their kids they share 5-year-old culture and 2-year-old wave on their

Instagram stories they posted videos of the kids opening gifts on Christmas be on the lookout for further updates on cardi B and

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