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Chaka Khan Reflects on Kanye West’s Sample of Through The Fire After Rock and Roll Hall of Fame In


Shaka Kan just got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a deserving Accolade for such a superstar thus she reflected on her career highlights personal experiences and so much more during a recent interview with rolling stone what will probably proved to be of most interest to hip-hop fans is the singer’s

Assessment of her relationship with Kanye West for those unaware he sampled her track through the fire on his first ever single Through the Wire something that she critiqued for many years since now though it seems like it’s all water under the bridge to clarify something the reason you were annoyed with Kanye

West about Through the Wire is that he asked to use your sampled voice but didn’t make it clear that it’ be sped up right the publication asked yeah and you know that was my fault too for feeling salty about that in any way Shaka con responded because

If I understood the rap game more completely like I do now then that wouldn’t have been a big deal to me no I’m done having it bother me please I’m not hanging on to any silly grudges Kanye West and Shaka con performed Through the Wire in 2004 watch of course

Kanye West is no stranger to sampling issues whether from an artistic standpoint or actually clearing it most recently that’s what’s happening with this song everybody off is yet to be released collab album with ta doala sign vultures the song samples the Backstreet Boys and it looks like the Publishers in charge

Of the sampled record refuse to give the rights over as of writing this article it’s just one of many ways in which this album roll out turned chaotic we still doubt it will ever see the light of day meanwhile ye isn’t just receiving apologies from a legend he’s

Also giving them everyone has a different take on his apology in Hebrew to the Jewish Community for his anti-semitic remarks while some are forgiving and don’t buy it for a millisecond at least it’s better than complete silence

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