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Trina Stirs Controversy with Beyonce as Queen of Rap Declaration


Over the past few days a resurfaced clip of Trina showing love to Beyonce has been making its rounds online sparking quite a bit of controversy in the clip Trina acknowledged Bae for her contributions to female rap she is the number one female rapper when she does rap she told

Hip hop DX at the time there’s no sleeping on the queen her eagerness to put Beyonce ahead of the pack raised some eyebrows and she only doubled down when the interview gained traction for the dusty crust funky be asterisk asterisk asterisk he’s in the back loudly speaking Emoji Beyonce is the

Queen of rap when she raps and all other genres of music she wrote on her Instagram story earlier this week I really don’t give a rats a asterisk asterisk how anybody feel I said what I said that’s the queen Bay and I’m going to stand well there’s no doubt that

Beyonce is the queen of something some social media users hesitate to say that it’s rap some have even speculated that Trina’s comments were a jab at Nicki Minaj who’s commonly recognized as the true queen of rap Trina defends her opinion Trina was quick to shut this speculation down however after a clip of

Her covering Nikki’s Pink Friday track moment for life began to circulate she took to the opportunity to remind fans that her love for BA doesn’t counteract her appreciation for Nikki as she roots for all of her fellow female artists yes double exclamation mark came through and slate it she commented on a

Clip of her cover on the Jasmine Brands Instagram see that’s the thing I don’t have any problems with nobody she continued I’m probably the only female artist that always show love to all the female artists no jealousy no insecurities over here I’m actually your favorite fave fave don’t let that go

Over your head jokes up what’s the real problem my choice my opinion of who I said the queen is the F asterisk CK y’all think this is AF asterisk CK and Colt she added what do you think of Trina calling Beyonce the queen of rap share your thoughts in the

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