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Chloe Bailey Breaks Down


Chloe Bailey’s debut solo album flopped nobody really expected the album to debut at number one on Billboard Hot 200 or something like that but nobody really expected that it was going to perform that badly the album only sold 10 000 copies in the first week and debuted at number 119 on the Billboard

Hot 200 which is kind of low for an artists like Chloe especially considering the ties that she already has in the music industry Chloe is often trending on social media for a whole lot of reasons but the thing is she doesn’t always trend for the right reasons people feel like she’s not being

Her authentic self for example people feel she’s always going overboard trying to be sexy even when it’s not necessary like the time she posted this video after getting 4 million followers on her Instagram I love Chloe but I had to admit that the video was super cringe and kind of hard

To watch Chloe and Holly are assigned to Parkwood and a lot of people feel like it was a wrong career move for them to sign under an artist that’s still very active in the business Beyonce Beyonce is super busy and there’s no way she’s going to have time

To manage another artist because of her crazy schedule Chloe’s album doesn’t exactly Inspire confidence in Beyonce’s Parkwood because people are saying that she’s starting to go the way of the other artists signed to the label Ingrid Burley and Sophie B Chloe set up a poll on Twitter for her

Fans to help her decide which song to release weather surprise or for the night Chloe revealed that Beyonce insisted that she released surprise and said I know what you’re picked about the polls but when the queen speaks the queen speaks and that’s all I’m gonna say and

That’s what that matters to me Chow what happened to giving the people what they want Chloe feels like Beyonce didn’t do anything to promote her album and just left her out to dry for one the Parkwood entertainment Instagram page posts more of Beyonce than anyone else Beyonce is definitely working against

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    you stole this dialogue from Kiki’s tea.

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