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Justin Bieber Speaks on Diddy Being a CREEP


Justin Bieber has reportedly broken his silence on creepy and disturbing rumors about Diddy grooming him when he was just a teenager Diddy has a rap sheet of books and Essay allegations that is so long that I’m not even sure I can fit it into one video what we know of did is inappropriate

Behavior mainly stems from his strange relationship with former Protege Usher Usher just like Justin Bieber was thrust into the entertainment industry at a very young age when Usher was just 10 years old he became part of an RB group Bobby Brown’s former bodyguard AJ Alexander Alexander told

Usher he could help him get a record deal and introduced him to Bryant Reed a representative from La Reid’s laface records Reed had big plans for Usher however while preparing his debut album his voice dropped because he was going through puberty Reid wanted to drop Usher from his label

However Usher begged to stay so Reed came up with a plan B send Usher to New York to live with Diddy and attend what read called putty’s flavor Camp Usher was just 14 at the time and in his 2004 interview with rolling stone he admitted that Diddy introduced him

To the adult lifestyle Diddy made bizarre comments about Usher sleeping in his bed when he was just 10 years old Usher’s dad left the family when Usher was one and Usher was raised by his mother Janetta according to Usher Janetta had no idea that he was living

With Diddy however fans have cast doubt on this because LA Reid must have asked.ush’s Mom for permission before he flew 14 year old Usher from Atlanta to New York the entertainment industry is a much more Sinister place than most people imagine this brings us to Justin Bieber and the disturbing allegations about Diddy

Grooming him in 2009 when Justin was 15 years old he uploaded a video on his YouTube channel documenting his 48 hours with Diddy Diddy is 25 years older than Justin so he was 40 when this video was filmed so check this out to you I’m Justin his in you

Ever seen the movie 48 hours right now he’s having 48 Hours of his life with his boy did he admitted he had legal guardianship of Usher so

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