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Chrisean Rock Shows Off New Face Tattoo Following Blueface Coverup


Krisan Rock showed off a new face tattoo on social media earlier this week she gave fans a look at the piece while discussing her upcoming public appearances it comes after she recently had her neck tattoo of blue face covered up fans had mixed responses to the new

Ink when live bitez shared the clip one user commented her face looked terrible what’s that spot go home and take care of yourself you catching stuff running around and bringing it home to the baby another wrote please do us two things block cian and the whole blueface situation and all this clout chasing

From every social media platform sincerely the public krisan Rock attends French Montana’s birthday party French Montana’s birthday celebration Los Angeles California November 9th krisan Rock attends French Montana’s birthday celebration at private residence on November 9th 2023 in Los Angeles CIA California photo by Andrew J Cunningham / Getty

Images in addition to getting her blue face tattoo covered up rock also revealed that she had the name Kevin tattooed on her wrist the name is a reference to the rapper Cas wav whom she’s reportedly been dating check out her latest tattoo below CIS and Rock shows off new tattoo the decision for

Rock to cover up her blueface tattoo comes after the rapper accused her of sleeping with offset in resp response to that allegation cardi B said it wasn’t true but also revealed that she and the MOs rapper are both single she said on Instagram live when it comes to today’s

Events I don’t think it’s true I don’t care to find out because I’ve been single for a minute now I have been afraid to not afraid I just don’t know how to tell the world but I feel like today has been a sign be on the lookout

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