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Doja Cat Originally Wasn’t A Fan Of Paint The Town Red,It Reminded Me Of Like, GAP


DOA cat says she originally wasn’t a fan of her song paint the town red and that it reminded her of something that would play in a grocery store she discussed the evolution of the track during an interview with ebra Darden for Apple music on Thursday I thought paint the

Town red reminded me of like Target or like Macy’s it reminded me of like Gap she admitted during the conversation I don’t why it just kind of is that and I know it starts with a curse word and it’s like a little bit edgy in that sense and I say I’m a Demon

Lord like yeah I get that but that song just had a very pants up high Vibe and you know I think strategically because I can be strategic I think it was a good addition to the album and a strong addition to the album I know that it’s a strong song

And I did expect it to be as popular as it is and I was kind of running that from a little bit I didn’t really want to have that pants up high song The Goo goofy kind of palatable DOA cat performs on the Scarlet tour she continued I

Wanted to make a little bit of a darker slower album but I don’t think this was the time for that I think keeping it on the album was a smart move because I want to slowly trickle into sort of moodier Vibes creatively like I’m not going to be doing that

Forever despite her lack of confidence in the song it debuted at top the Billboard Hot 100 and spent three straight weeks at number one check out her full interview with Ebro Darden below DOA cat discusses Scarlet elsewhere in the interview DOA discusses her album Scarlet more broadly as well

As how she’s dealt with Fame and her growing fan base be on the lookout for further updates on do

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