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Chrisean Rock Sparks Controversy By Disrupting Prayer Circle Backstage At Tamar Braxton’s Show – The Hoima Post –


In a recent twist to the ongoing drama involving Chrisean Rock, a new video obtained by TMZ sheds light on a backstage incident at one of Tamar Braxton’s shows in Los Angeles. The footage captures Chrisean interrupting a prayer circle, with Toni Braxton appearing visibly upset by the disruption. While Chrisean denies the alleged assault on James Wright, the incident has raised questions about the events leading up to the backstage altercation.

The November altercation involved Chrisean Rock, who was expecting to perform but was informed that she wasn’t on the schedule. The situation escalated, resulting in Chrisean allegedly assaulting James Wright, a backup dancer for Tamar Braxton, who was subsequently hospitalized. Despite Rock’s denial of the altercation, multiple perspectives from witnesses contradict her account.

The recent drama adds to Chrisean’s tumultuous interactions, including her involvement in the controversy surrounding Jaidyn Alexis’ new house. While Blueface claimed to have bought the house for Alexis, Rock refuted the claim, asserting that it was a rented property and that Blueface was not the one who covered the expenses. Fans are actively piecing together details to uncover the truth behind these conflicting narratives.

In another development, Sexyy Red shared a snippet of a remix for her song “Bow Bow Bow,” featuring Chrisean Rock. The remix included direct shots at Blueface, injecting new energy into the ongoing feud.

As the saga unfolds, opinions on Chrisean Rock’s actions backstage at Tamar Braxton’s show vary. Share your thoughts on whether this disruption might have contributed to the reported fight and how it impacts the broader narrative in the comment section below.

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