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Drake Secures Spotify Milestone as Most Streamed Rap Artist of 2023


Drake has been collecting so many commercial accolades for so long that it isn’t even a surprise anymore when he does something amazing this time he achieved a pretty substantial Spotify Milestone right at the end of 2023 the platform named him as their most streamed rap artist of 2023 Jersey’s entire discography racked

Up an absolutely stunning 17.6 billion streams in the 12 months of 2023 only three artists in the world had more streams on Spotify last year Taylor Swift the weekend and Bad Bunny Drake also rang in the New Year by sharing his first thoughts of 2024 on social media

First thought for 2024 I’m not your emotional support dog the rapper captioned a bizarre new Instagram post the post is likely a reference to his new album for all the dogs which deploys K9 imagery in the lyrics a handful of times throughout the project the caption

Is attached to a very surreal ser series of seemingly unrelated pictures making up the post itself Drake is still for all the dogs following the release of for all the dogs Drake claimed that he was going on a Hiatus for releasing new music he’s dropped at least one project

Every year dating back to 2019 so it’s no surprise that he’s looking for a break but before he could even get started on his Hiatus he shared an extended version of his new album the new version featured scary hours 3 a Sixt trck EP of new material last month Drake shared a new

Music video for the closing track and breakthrough hit of the ep the song is called you broke my heart and features some of the most notable lyrical call outs and references on the project he found himself in some pretty hot water following the release of the music video

Though that’s because it features a cameo appearance from controversial country singer Morgan Wallen what do you think of Drake’s bizarre new Instagram post are you surprised that he’s once again the most streamed rapper of the year on Spotify let us know in the comment section below

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