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Christian Okoye Defends Taylor Swift Amid Chiefs’ Struggles, Blames Team Performance


Chief’s Legend Christian oo has stepped in to defend Taylor Swift after some critics have blamed the singer for The Chief’s recent onfield woes she has nothing to do with how the team’s doing right now Taylor Swift is not on the field OKO said Travis is playing like he

Always plays teams are just doubling up on him now knowing that our receivers are dropping the balls OKO argued in an interview TMZ furthermore OKO said he’s a big fan of what Swift has added to the team over the course of the season when you’re doing bad people have to find excuses

And they have to point fingers especially those who don’t like the situation about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce those people are pointing fingers and making it up right now so I have to tell you they are wrong OKO added Travis Kelce demands accountability from Chiefs furthermore Kelsey himself also

Called on the Chiefs to come together as an offensive unit to close out the season it’s not just one guy it’s not just me playing like dog sht it’s not just us not being able to get the Run game going and it’s not just us not being on the same page passing

Wise everybody’s in this fking thing together everybody at some point isn’t being accountable every single play is somebody not doing their job and it’s me it’s everybody on the team and whether that’s prep whether that’s having the confidence and understanding of what the defense is in their coverages their gaps

In the Run game how we’re picking up blitzes how we’re running routs versus certain coverages all the above everybody’s just got to fking do their job Kelsey ranted on his new heights podcast the Chiefs have now lost three of their last four and four of their last six games momes

Was sacked four times on Christmas day while throwing for just 246 yds meanwhile the ground game failed to generate less than 100 yards of total offense this included a stretch late in the second quarter when the Raiders scored two defensive touchdowns in the space of 7 Seconds the Chiefs close out the season

Against the Bengals and charge

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