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My First Flight Experience Using Ethiopia Airline – Mummy Zeus


Really water Fish for comfort And by how is the experience not good I think they next time Professor Lance it is not Professor L the place very nice place but we very disappointed very disappointed with a place with a hotel we SLE people you can even miss your flight but me I give credit to those people besides that one of my friends she missed she missed her flight since it was her time first Passport passport interns my parents were far from where I was Monday remember week m we were the same only days I applied for stand but in only two days from there we had to look for Trav AG EOP so we had to wait for that day on the 24 on the 23r so

My first time it was my first time to hold a passport so it is it was going to be but before going between you he left home so told me I waited for toay I back when I one of the things that delayed me but to cut it Short I don’t know The option as we were stilling with he seriously that was too much um I remember even I told him that in someone misses a flight because in his conversation he was saying F season people were traveling people were going to Village so smile Transor I think thank you so much he’s a good because people used to scare us people your flight but me IED to those people besides one of my she missed she missed her flight since it was her first time traveling she missed the flight her friends I still had that

In so I had that in mind but than God was on my side no one disturb me no one I think um I don’t think maybe they changed I don’t accept the Fate weed together but still on top of that on top of that E when you’re okay yes immigration to verifying Oh I was just excited What anxy think I need to getc you have the throut I remember purpose of travel I felt thirsty me I felt bad oh yeah Thank you thankes what’s the problem I want water I posted even because Max 737 we ate I ate m asked for Chicken I think it is a word of advice Bus For here Trans so from We Wait Almost hour by the way how is the feel but I felt dizzy I came back to noral ask want for for I asked for beef Chicken Was really good okay uh cleanness clean yeah so Theying soot for comfort And Flight attendance interal airort it is very big yeah cheel Che out Lat I felt bad later felt very bad yes we took yes I L thank you so much thank you we really appreciate it thank you for picking us Hotel okay um how is the experience Hotel not good I think they next time Professor it is not Prof think the place was a very nice place we very but we very disappointed I was very disappointed with a place with a hotel we slept you get 25 $120 so but in in my by the way if all Uganda can copy that pres least they look at because I saw

It’s going to take him 50 years 80 80 yes yeah years21 it is going to take him years so I visited theread They are clean y they clean so on the 28 27 yeah Che 33 yeah right I felt bad Yeah seriously seriously like them Disturbed you really hey thank you sparkling water water water But my experience going to Zambia was um apart from the portoles in Uganda and the money issues we Have This time okay I’m thinking please make sure Nigeria going to Nigeria in May when I got to Nigeria big brother brother V Angel brother next time make sure I guess [ __ ] they don’t have like they are not Wellcoming was my first traveling okay but how was the experience the experience was okay okay so but I I hope to enjoy next time but the experience was okay but I hope to enjoy next time okay um please subscribe to this channel as as fast as you can leave all the

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