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Cody Walker Welcomes New Baby, Names Him Paul Walker


Paul Walker’s brother Cody names his newborn son after his late sibling 10 years after actor’s tragic death aged 40. it was important to me to have that name carry on Paul Walker’s brother Cody has named his newborn son after his late sibling as the 10th anniversary of the

Actor’s tragic death approaches the 34 year old actor confirmed the news to people on Friday when it was revealed that Paul Barrett Walker also known as Bear by his family was born on April 30th in Arizona the television personality whose niece made an appearance in the Fast Furious

Series newest entry and his wife Felicia did not find out until the sex of their baby until he was born Cody and his spouse who tied the knot in 2015 considered different names until they settled on Paul Barrett a day after they welcomed him into their family the happy couple

Also share a daughter named Remy aged five as well as a son named Colt Age Two he said this November will Mark 10 years since we lost my brother Paul and I just felt now was the appropriate time he said Walker died in 2013 at the age of 40

After he was involved in a single car collision that took place in Santa Clarita California Cody went on to state that Paul would be his last child and opened up about the significance of his newborn son’s name my brother Caleb and I are both done having children my brother

Paul was Paul William Walker IV and that name goes back for Generations he stated the television personality also discussed how his loved ones often use terms of affection to refer to his late brother within the family he went by little Paul or Paul IV even though he quickly outgrew our father in height

It was important to me to have that name carry on he said Cody subsequently spoke about his Motorsports Festival fuel Fest on which he collaborates with fast furious Mainstay Tyrese Gibson a portion of the proceeds from each installment of the festival are donated to reach out worldwide a non-profit organization that

The late actor founded in 2010 the television personality described the charity as a part of Paul that he left behind it’s important to so many to see that part of his legacy live on Cody’s niece Meadow made a cameo in the recently released fast X which arrived in

Theaters last Friday the model shared a post to her Instagram account to make the news about her appearance publicly known and wrote that she felt so blessed to be able to honor my father’s Legacy and share this with him forever in her posts caption

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