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Kanye West Exposes Britney Spears’ Husband Sam Asghari


Concerns grow for Britney Spears safety reports are circulating that Kanye West tried to warn Brittany about her husband samaskari Brittany gave a statement in court saying that she wants to do an interview and expose everyone who was involved in the conservatorship fans are worried that Britney’s husband

Sam is involved in a massive cover-up to keep Brittany hostage and prevent her from talking about her conservatorship Britney’s Instagram videos are deep fakes concerns over Britney’s safety and well-being have recently escalated on social media after fans discovered shocking proof that the photos and videos on Brittany’s Instagram are deep fakes

A video shared by tiktok user cat velas went viral seemingly showing that a blue-eyed person is using a filter of Britney’s face in dancing in front of a green screen where is the real Britney Britney’s fans are now speculating that the real Britney is being held hostage and her

Husband samaskari is her main Handler Brittany spent more than 13 years under conservatorship and she was banned from speaking to anyone without her team’s permission now that the conservatorship is finally terminated we’re supposed to believe that Britney suddenly doesn’t want to be seen or heard samuscari’s employment history is suspect samuscari’s first

Public record of employment dates back to 2013 when he worked as a best by clerk before becoming a personal trainer also Sam was caught lying about his past on more than one occasion and there’s very little information available about his employment history according to sources close to Kanye West

Kanye is convinced that Sam is Britney’s Handler hired to keep Brittany under the control of the same people who put her under conservatorship Kanye West’s scary episode in Britney Spears conservatorship Sam Britney Spears boyfriend is suspected of being hired to keep her medicated just like Kanye West’s former personal trainer Harley

Castroneck was reportedly hired to institutionalize him in 2016 Kanye suffered a scary episode and was put on a psychiatric hold one of his doctors called for police backup as he believed Kanye needed to be hospitalized this episode took place at Harley castroneck’s house and after Kanye exposed Hollywood Elites who keep

Celebrities under control Harley threatened to institutionalize him again Kanye also recently revealed that he was wrongly diagnosed and prescribed lithium luckily he refused to take it because he noticed that the dose they had prescribed him was much higher than normal Brittany was also placed on lithium during her conservatorship and

She revealed in court that she was prescribed lithium just because she refused to do dance moves while preparing for her show in Las Vegas she also said that lithium completely messed her up and she was no longer able to hold a conversation all of this was personally approved by

Her dad Jamie fans are now saying that Sam is another Harley Castro neck type who was hired to control Brittany and keep her medicated so she would never have the opportunity to expose everyone involved in her conservatorship some fans do not believe that Britney is free and they suspect that Sam is her

Handler who was hired to keep her under control her control

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  1. @laneblake5694 says

    This is so devastatingly cruel. She needs real psychological/ medical professional help!

  2. @paulofachiolo2519 says

    She should be more interested in her sons

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