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Dame Dash Reveals The Origins Of Jay Z And DMX’s Legendary Feud


Dame Dash has been making quite a few appearances on podcasts and interviews recently the primary reason is that he’s been giving out plenty of insight or at least supposed Insight on important moments in rap history many of them revolve around Jay-Z which has led some fans to joke that talking about HOV is

The only reason anyone is listening to Dame anymore but in another recent interview he shed some light on the role he played in leading Jay-Z to his iconic battle with DMX in the interview he discusses people in his life clowning on him for hanging around Jay-Z because of the way the

Rapper dressed he goes on to explain how the bad vibes between different groups grew and eventually spilled over he ends the story with an incident at a pool hall involving the rough writers that he cites as the very beginning of DMX and Jay-Z issues but in the responses to the

Interview plenty of fans throw some doubt on his story damee Dash’s newest Jay-Z story in the comments fans don’t exactly agree with Dame’s recollection of things this crazy thing about this is if you watch backstage DVD danne says when he first metet Jay he thought he

Was a harleman asterisk Gaz cuz the see way he dress now all of a sudden an asterisk Gaz was reading you cuz he dressed funny at this point DNE doing more damage to his legacy than good one particularly insightful comment reads other comments agree Dame got to let it

Go man and mans is on a world tour using HOV name LOL two more comments read they aren’t exaggerating either Dame has been commenting on Jay-Z All Year touching on his beef with NS and even claiming he had a role in Jay becoming a rapper what

Do you think of Dame Dash’s newest story about the origins of Jay-Z and DMX’s battle let us know in the comment section below

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