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Soulja Boy Claims That Crank That Would Be Even More Popular If It Dropped Today


Music has changed quite a bit since Soulja Boy dropped one of the first ever viral hits Crank that the song Still defines the ringtone rap era and became a success through the internet in a way almost no songs before ever had but the way music catches fire online is very

Different now than it ever has been before much of that shift is due to Tik Tok Soulja himself recognizes how different things could have been for hit Breakthrough song if it had been released today in a new interview he confidently claims that the song would be even bigger if it was released today

Than it was back then it’s hard to imagine the song being even bigger given that the track spent seven weeks at the number one spot on the Hot 100 it also spawned one of the biggest dance trends of the 2000s which is stuck in the heads

Of many fans to this day with hit songs coming from Tik Tok being more ubiquitous than ever it’s easy to see why he thinks the track could be even more of a hit Soulja Boy thinks Crank That would be even bigger in the comments of a post about Soulja Boy’s

Claims fans largely agree with him during Tik talk times absolutely one of the top comments on the post reads plenty of others agree for sure Tik Tok would have aided up with the dance moves one comment reads but not all the responses are in agreement nah he actually sold physical CDs not to

Mention the song still spinning and viral after 15 years can’t beat that with a stick another top comment read much of the fan discussion around Soulja Boy recently has to do with his ongoing beef with blue face what do you think of Soulja Boy claim that Crank that would

Be even bigger if it was released today do you agree with his take let us know in the comment section below

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