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Dame Dash Seeks Child Support Reduction, Citing Reduced Income


Dame Dash has high hopes that a judge will allow him to reduce his child support payments after revealing his 2022 income according to TMZ the rockefella co-founder filed documents in his custody case with his ex-wife Rachel Roy who he shares a daughter with claiming that he can’t afford the

Current amount he revealed that right now he could only afford to cough up $428 monthly ultimately it boils down to his annual income which he says isn’t as high as he’d hoped for it to be although we know Dame Dash to be a hustler he explained that he’s hardly generating

Income he explained that it’s largely because he’s embarked on several business ventures over the past few years though they haven’t necessarily panned out in the way that he’d hoped at one point he revealed his annual income in 2022 was just a little over $5,000 in fact he said that he didn’t

Make any more than $5,150 that year Dame Dash explained that he was hit by the pandemic and hardly recovered since then Rachel Roy responds for $128 is a significant change from the $33,000 he’s currently paying Rachel Roy however she isn’t necessarily buying his argument in response to his court

Filing Roy explained that he still has a stake in rockefella records which should continue to provide him with a solid income meanwhile she added that he has other businesses that he’s yet to disclose to the public so far a judge has yet to make a ruling on Dame’s request or Roy’s response

We’ll keep you posted on any more updates interestingly enough the topic of his ownership in Rocka fell surfaced just weeks before during an interview with the guds show Dash said that he’s taking back rockefella rockefella Never Dies it’s not dead I just took a vacation I’m the CEO of rockefella

Incorporated and Jay-Z knows it and so does bigs not rockefella LLC we sold that rockefella incorporated I’m still the CEO he said his comments came a few years after his alleged attempt to sell his stake in rockefella and Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album as an NF

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