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DDG and Halle Bailey Welcome Baby Boy Halo, Introduce Him on Instagram


Families are a beautiful thing having one that is loving and caring is a huge privilege that many tend to take for granted it seems that one of the newest households is becoming one of those special groups of people we are talking about rapper and former YouTuber ddg and

Singer/actress hi Bailey one of the stronger power couples within the hip-hop Community just welcomed their first child it was this past weekend that hie gave birth to a baby boy his name is Halo and the mother announced it on her Instagram even though we’re a few days

Into the new year the greatest thing that 20203 could have done for me was bring me my son welcome to the world my halo smiling face with hearts baby angel medium skin tone Sparkles the world is desperate to know you winking face rolling on the floor laughing heart suit

The last statement certainly Rings true so many people were speculating about her pregnancy for months however she and ddg did a pretty job keeping it between them all things considered ddg and hi welcome Halo to the social media World additionally that comment at the end seemed to be a

Foreshadowing one ddg and hi have just created an Instagram account for Halo his handle is at Dello and the page already has over 35,000 followers the Mommy and Daddy are running it and they already posted a picture of him went all black Nike Tech today for Doctor checkups none too crazy

Baby medium skin tone baby bottle his face is blurred out in the photo and they will probably all be like that welcome to the world Halo what are your initial thoughts on ddg and hi Bailey making an Instagram account for their baby boy Halo do you think this is a

Smart decision by the couple why or why not are their comments contradictory especially after doing everything to keep hi’s pregnancy Under Wraps would you make a social media account for your baby we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that in

Mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comment section below

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