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Dave East Gets Pepper Sprayed By Police Outside Concert In Montreal


Montreal police have a long history of making things difficult for rappers that try to perform in the city while the city has a bustling rap scene of its own instances of Backstage issues and police shutting down shows date back years despite their reputation they took it to

The next level during a recent show Dave East was trying to perform in the city in a compilation of Clips assembled by MTL Flex TV they recap the events of the night it first starts with the police interrupting Dave’s show inside with a series of back and forth interactions

Between him and various officers on the scene afterward they stopped the show entirely and force everyone outside which is where the eventual confrontation happens the final clip shows the police pepper spraying East and the group surrounding him as well as anyone nearby including the person trying to film The Encounter Dave East

Pepper sprayed in the caption of the post the account makes reference to the reputation Montreal police have spvm doing their best to make sure no artist wants to perform in Montreal it reads no big rapper or Entertainer would ever want to don’t hear anymore it’s a damn

Shame every time there is a little bit of Hope for the city the Quebec government steps in or the police one of the top comments on the post agrees Dave East is fresh off the release of a new mixtape with crunch Calhoun the project is called 30 for 30

And features 14 track with numerous collaborations throughout Mike and keys Buddha and GRS Jay Stone Arab Music and lra belli all make appearances on the record it’s Dave east’s second new project of 2023 following his lengthy fortune favors the Bold which dropped back in July in addition to that he also

Shared the deluxe edition of his album book of David which added an entire nine new songs to the project what do you think of the Montreal police interrupting Dave east’s concert taking him outside and pepper spray him let us know in the comment section below

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