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Sexyy Red Serves Up An Electric Performance Despite Pregnancy


For artists in the music industry you often don’t get the chance to slow down often for female rappers that can include working through a pregnancy many in the past have powered through their pregnancies to record release and perform new music sexy red is no different one of the biggest breakout stars of 2023

Announced her pregnancy in an Instagram selfie alongside siza a few months ago but since then she hasn’t slowed down a bit in a video making the rounds online sexy red shows that nothing about her electric light performances has been impacted by her pregnancy in the clip she’s sporting some adorable furry boots alongside

Silver shorts and a matching top the crowd is matching her energy as well singing along with her and bouncing to the beat though many of Red’s typical haters reacted negatively to it online others praised her for continuing to deliver despite the circumstances sexy red performing while pregnant sexy red being the biggest

Breakout star in rap music this year is no joke she released her debut album had hottest princess earlier this year the album was launched by pound town 2 with Nicki Minaj and spawned even more hits like ski and hellcats srts since then she’s collaborated with one major artist after another including

Drake siza Lil Durk latto young nudie and a baby but red reach goes beyond just the artist she’s collaborated with in song she’s also done an impressive bit of networking and made plenty of friends throughout the rap World NL choa came to her defense in a series of

Tweets posted earlier this year city girls rapper Young Miami is also a fan and recently shared a video of herself twerking to one or red songs what do you think of sexy red maintaining her performance intensity even while pregnant let us know in the comment section below

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