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Daz Dillinger has put Dr Dre on blast over alleged unpaid royalties for his work on The Chronic the dog pound rapper who contributed rapping and production to the Blockbuster 1992 album called out his former mentor on Instagram for not coughing up payments for his work happy

31st C day to The Chronic at JRA but when can we receive our royalities he wrote are you or at inter scope gone Rob us like at Death Row Records 2024 and the End Guest from the past who ran it St 8 bit sha fusome Dez also claimed

That the rights to his work revert back to him in 2027 and that he won’t be clearing anything to do with the tracks he contributed to unless he is paid what he believes is owed remember da copyright reversions law I filed I want percent not points so y’all on a time

Limit for more yrs till it reverts back then its really like fuckum i a n clearing up I am coming he added the long Long Beach native contributed to the chronic Cuts ain’t and the day the end guas took over as well as handful of the album

Skits Daz isn’t the first artist who worked on The Chronic to take issue with a lack of royalties RBX who was signed to death row and later aftermath has previously claimed he was not paid his due but now considers the matter settled speaking to all hip hop earlier this year he said I

Don’t cry over spilled milk though cuz I believe in a higher power and everything that was done was done for a reason that’s why we still here and at the end of the day they might have run out and did this and that but they can’t take my

Name and they can’t take my voice and I still got these pens and pads to write these Rhymes and they didn’t write for me I wrote for them he continued it feels good cuz we did work hard on it it wasn’t like it was a cakewalk even though Dre didn’t make us

Walk to Harlem to get him no cheesecake or some balloons we we were out there because we had that death row on our back at that time we was pushing the line it wasn’t a nice thing it was real death row it got a lot of respect from

Some people and got a lot of hate from others Daz Dillinger also previously claimed that he’s owed royalties from Jay-Z who he alleges used one of his songs as inspiration when writing Dr Dre’s still Dr so in my mind Jay-Z was listening to serial killow while he was writing that

rhyme and I want to get my money for that D said in an interview earlier this year before claiming that he tried to contact HOV and Dre about the dispute but was threatened with legal action Dez also indicated he was going to go after the Rock Nation Mogul

For some percentages from the 1999 hit

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  1. @honestlyspeaking905 says

    It's crazy how artist who got screwed in the business end up being the ones screwing artist when it's there turn to be CEO

  2. @Frabook56 says

    Eazy E robbed him as well as Suge. He should no better

  3. @alexdawe-le4vj says

    There must C something I'm missing, I remember probably every word from Dogg Food since I I was 15 years, more than 20 years ago

  4. @alexdawe-le4vj says

    He had the first vesrse on "Reality"; "F dreaming the same dreams, being down the same team, what it seems to be reality is just a dream"

  5. @Embassy97 says

    Can’t get paid for a one liner but production wise he deserves it but you think a judge gonna entertain jay z taking a line from your song 🎵 smh Dax must lost his bread 🥖

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