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Soulja Boy’s baby mother Jackilyn Martinez has denied Blueface’s claims that they have slept togethe


Soldja boy’s baby mother Jacqueline Martinez has denied blueface claims that they have slept together Martinez addressed the salacious allegations on social media on Tuesday December 19th and threatened to pursue legal action against the thiana rapper the statements made about me are defamatory and false and my lawyers have sent a cease and

Assist to blueface she wrote the comments were made earlier this week during a heated argument on Instagram live between blueface and Soulja Boy which erupted after the two began sparring over who would win in a versus Battle I already [ __ ] your baby mama I already beat you to the punch blue told

Big Draco I [ __ ] your baby mama the day before your baby shower he also made a number of lured posts about her on EX formerly Twitter including one that read soldja kissing dick every time he see his child crying face emoji might be my kid he ain’t even get the DNA test blue

Face had earlier accused Soulja Boy of ducking a fight with him after their Feud quickly escalated Beyond who had the superior music catalog after blue taunted the crank that rapper claiming to have had sex with Jacqueline Martinez Soldier replied I’m going to [ __ ] Jaden And krisan since

You want to troll at blueface bleed them let the games begin I love it their war of words descended into violent threats with Soldier saying he’d knocked blue face out the pair seemingly even agreed on a location for a fight with blue face claiming he showed up but Soulja Boy

Didn’t blueface later began mocking his rival for failing to show tweeting we all knew he wouldn’t show he bet not say none else after today after his no Show Soulja Boy took aim at Blue on social media writing I’m the slapping the [ __ ] out you and punching on you on my terms

[ __ ] who said you run [ __ ] and get to pick the time and place don’t worry it’s on the way blueface wasn’t buying that and hit back with like I said he never came what type and go say send the pin you send the pin now it’s not on my

Terms and place this man back pedling so bad I though you slid through and I wasn’t there he later repeated his claim he’d had sex with martinez I already [ __ ] his BM so if he won’t want to even the score I just take the W I guess Soulja Boy and Jacqueline Martinez

Welcome to baby boy in October 2022

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