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DDG Welcomes Son Halo with Halle Bailey Amid Freestyle Speculations


Ddg and Hal Bailey recently welcomed their first son into the world Halo and fans couldn’t be happier to hear the news moreover this follows months of speculation gossip and rumors about whether she was pregnant or not which they had fun clowning and responding to in vague and mostly dismissive

Ways however a recent freestyle of the rappers has fans pointing to a specific reference to his newborn child Silver Spoon kid I know Halo don’t want for nothing he wraps on Daryl freestyle he crying his mama coming she’s stronger than Wonder Woman of course fans had questions about this

Even before hie announced their baby’s birth on Snapchat ddg decided to answer some fan questions as he typically does across his social media platforms one listener asked about this Halo Bar and he went on to claim ignorance when it comes to spitting about his biggest blessing what bar the

Michigan native told the camera in response you talking about the freestyle that just dropped I didn’t hear that I did not hear that bar y’all gone tell me if I’m tripping as such a lot of fans probably proceeded to point it out to him or he’s just keeping his trolling up even more

Ddg addresses Halo Bar on Daryl freestyle watch furthermore this is far from the first time that ddg and Hal Bailey decided to be a bit more secretive and just heavy when it comes to their family they had to deal with a lot of presumptions and theories that flooded

Their accounts and even if fans were right it’s heartening that they took this pretty lightly instead of in combative fashion for example he recently posted a picture of himself with a baby doll and claimed to announce his daughter maybe in the next few weeks the couple will continue to joke with

Supporters and create more Buzz around this mystery meanwhile this is a wholesome and celebratory occasion that’s perfect to commemorate their second anniversary we wish them and their pride and joy Halo the best health and happiness for 2024 and Beyond hopefully they can now focus on their careers and

Their bond instead of dealing with the rumor mill for more news and the latest updates on ddg and Hal

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