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TK Kirkland Deems Katt Williams’ Joke Stealing Beef with Cedric The Entertainer Petty


In a resurfaced interview from 2021 with Vlad TV TK Kirkland called Cat Williams beef with Cedric the Entertainer about joke stealing Petty in Kirkland’s mind joke stealing was just part of life as a comedian unless the joke was super classic or your signature joke it wasn’t worth beefing over instead Kirkland

Argued that comedians should focus on building their cataloges and worrying about getting paid during his explosive Club sh Shay interview Williams had accused Cedric of stealing his closing joke back in the late ’90s 1998 I’m doing this joke Cedric comes to The Comedy Store he watches me in the

Audience he comes backstage he tells me what a great job I did and how much he loves the joke 2 years later he’s doing that as his last joke on the original Kings of Comedy and he’s doing it verbatim he just changed my car into a spaceship Williams said however he also

Noted that Cedric had a apologized to him Cat Williams allegedly pulled a gun on FaZe and love however Kirkland’s comments are not the only resurfaced interview Clips discussing Williams in a reposted Vlad TV segment from 2019 FaZe and love recalled how Cat Williams once pulled a gun on him Williams and love

Were beefing over money Williams reportedly owed love however love revealed that things went to a dark place when he tried to collect furthermore love recall Williams urging shite to take love out obviously things did not go further than that but it’s still an incident that has stuck with

Love the clip was reposted amid Love’s comments on Williams recent Club sh Shay interview it’s hard to address lunacy and hypocrisy and downright ignorance but it’s so funny how many people think this dumb stupid motherf CER is spitting truth but that’s the internet I guess you guys want to believe in something so

Bad listen to what he’s saying he’s actually calling for help he’s calling for help none of the sht he says lines up with nothing loves

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